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Until February 11th: Utrecht Manifest, a biennale focusing on the social aspects of design.

Utrecht Manifest is an international cultural biennial, which perceives contemporary developments in design and architecture from a social perspective.

The biennial shows how architecture and design, in the past and present, have looked for answers to social and cultural questions connected to innovation, quality and sustainability. Ed Annink, one of the partners of Ontwerpwerk, is this year's intendant. He is responsible for the content, composition and organisation of the exhibitions.

The biennale explores if the theories of the Modernist stream (first half of the 20th century) are still viable today. The Utrecht Manifest opens at the Utrecht Centraal Museum with the main exhibition: Lovely Language. Starting point is the radical idealism of sociologist and Modernist Otto Neurath, who, together with graphic designer Gerd Arntz, developed an image language aiming to share knowledge internationally under the motto Words Divide, Images Unite.

The Utrecht Manifest presents a wide array of exhibitions, workshops, film programs and an extensive satellite program. In addition, a theoretical forum will be held.

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