Saturday, January 26

Nokia's 7900 Crystal Prism

by Thomas Ricker

Eww, it's back. Nokia's 7900 Crystal Prism is now really, extra-super official with a scheduled Q1 2008 launch for €375 (before taxes and subsidies). Besides sporting a slight redesign from that earlier pic, we now know that the 7900 packs WCDMA 2100/850 in addition to those quad-GSM bands, 2-inch OLED, and 2 megapixel CMOS camera. But really, this one's all about the look created by designer Frédérique Daubal. Yeah, us neither. "Renowned" enough for Nokia though, just not the 9.4 million pages of Wikipedia. See her "dress for tired people" after the break to see where this could have gone.

Here is a collaboration for all technology AND design aficinados. Nokia worked together with graphist and fashion designer Frédérique Daubal to create a special edition of Nokia 7900...the Crystal Prism. Aside from all necessary technology we all expect from a new phone, this one has this "Sapphire Crystal" key - a real phone ornament - animated wallpapers and a case designed by the artist. It allows fast emailing thanks to the Push technology, holds your music, has an integrated 2 megapixels camera with flash and is working on all networks.

via engadget, colette

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