Monday, January 7

Julia Lohmann's wave

A wave made of fish crates by London-based designer Julia Lohmann is currently being exhibited in a disused office in Tokyo.

Called The Catch, the 90sq m installation is designed to raise the issue of depleting tuna supplies in Japan, where 80 per cent of what is caught in the Mediterranean is sold. “I wanted to find out whether people know about the issue here,” says Lohmann. “Most people prefer to turn a blind eye.”

To make the wave, 500 fishing crates were screwed together and attached to a wooden supporting structure. Fishing wire was used to keep things in place.

The installation has been modelled on an Almadraba – a traditional seven-kilometre network of underwater nets that have been used in the Mediterranean for centuries to catch tuna. Next to the wave is a room full of empty fish crates, to “confront viewers with a vast empty ocean, depleted by over-fishing and our unthinking consumption of marine life,” says Lohmann.

via ICON

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