Thursday, January 24

Future Shop

Future shop
Retail 0

Retail 0: A structure made from various rings is used to display products.

Future shop
Fabric shop

Fabric shop: A space designed with materials with characteristics similar to those of textiles. The use of perforated steel and steel cables offers display flexibility.

Future shop

CombiSpace: A design strategy that places all objects under of over shop level, creating a free area that can be ascribed different uses.

Future shop
White wave

White wave: Space defined by slender white waves. Changing the display units arranged among the moveable walls it is possible to vary the installation according to product.


Immensola: A simple rotating-sliding system makes it possible to configure the display unit in infinite ways. Each shelf has an integrated LED downlighting system.

Future shop

Recyclescape: Structure mad using ordinary coat-hangers.

The jury of Colorsdesigner, an international competition promoted by has shortlisted six projects to move onto the next phase. Asked to develop new retail concepts that could be used for major clothing chains, young designers took up the design challenge to find new creative solutions for spaces conceived not just for displaying and selling products but also for interaction with the client and socialising. The second phase of the competition closes on April 15, after which a winner will be nominated to carry out the definitive design of a prototype shop for the distribution network of an Italian clothing company.

Giulia Guzzini

via Domus

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