Friday, January 25

Office dA Designs

by Christine Huang



We’re keeping our eye on Office dA, a multidisciplinary architecture firm headed by London-born Nader Tehrani and Venezuelan-born Monica Ponce de Leon, both alums of Harvard Graduate School of Design who have been developing the firm’s wide repertoire for more than a decade. Their bold, eye-catching work, from interior and urban design to traditional architecture, is distinguished by their use of organic forms, like honeycomb and crystalline, as main elements of their unique structures. Their design for the Helios House in Los Angeles, BP’s “gas station of the future” that opened last year, features a solar-paneled roof that doubles as a rainwater harvesting tank, recycled glass tiling in the bathrooms (as well as recycled glass in the concrete instead of sand), and signage made from post-industrial scrap metal.

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