Tuesday, January 22

Digital Life Design 2008 Conference

Today is day one of a phenomenon which stock market analysts call a ‘crash’! - However it’s also the time of the year where the caravan of business leaders are heading for the World Economic Forum in Davos, CH (23-27 January, 2008) after making a stop at DLD08 in Munich last weekend (smart choice by DLD by the way).

For those of you you haven’t heard about this event DLD is described on the accompanying website as follows:

“DLD (Digital, Life, Design) is Europe’s conference for the 21st century, covering digital innovation, science and culture and bringing together thought leaders from Europe, the Middle-East, America and Asia. The three-day event is chaired by publisher Hubert Burda and investor Joseph Vardi and hosted by Stephanie Czerny and Marcel Reichart.”

There are a few things to know about DLD. First of all it’s a free of charge, but based on invitation only event. Second while a lot of similar conferences are claiming to connect different disciplines DLD is one out of a few that is really bringing high caliber people from business, technology, investment business, arts, design, etc. together. Thirdly they see it as an investment rather than an opportunity to earn money on the basis of: Only things with a prize tag are considered to be of any value (or in good old German: “Nur wenn etwas einen Preis hat, ist es auch etwas wert.”).

Two years ago I’ve had the opportunity to be invited to Munich and I had been really looking forward to do so, but … my youngest son to be born around that time decided that he’d wanted to take over the agenda. While the event (in its fourth presentation this year) has gained tremendous attention (OK, Burda is one of THE authorities in the German media industry ;-) I didn’t make it on their guest list this year (Maybe dropping the ‘Professor’ and instead tagging me as ‘5 Year Blogger’ in my email signature would have increased my chances ;-)?

Anyway DLD and Burda wouldn’t be industry leaders if they wouldn’t have invested in proper online video as well as blog documentation. So have a look at the resources and let me know which ones you find most interesting. I haven’t scanned all of them, but will let you know which ones I will have found most interesting.

In any case I’ll do my best to get a seat next year and do some live blogging instead ;-)

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