Friday, November 9

The Volkswagen Drive In

From The Netherlands, a uber cool site to celebrate Volkswagen's 60th anniversary in the country and challenge your music knowledge. Everything it's in Dutch, but don't panic, just wait for the site to load, and then click on "speel het spel" to start playing...


You have to match every song with the decade it belongs to... I did 11 at the first attempt, and you?

As Dick explained me, the site it's the recognition of the typical songs that revitalises the rich Volkswagen history, but above all, it is much fun to play and guess whether Bill Haley was popular during the Fifties when the Volkswagen Beetle was introduced or during the Sixties when Volkswagen revealed its first mini Van.


Congrats to Achtung! for the great work. My only doubt it's why they called the site Volkswagen Drive In and not Volkswagen Juke Box...

via Adverblog

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