Tuesday, November 6

Coup D'art

When they’re not busy attempting a coup d’etat on Denmark’s Constitutional Monarchy, the ArtRebels spend their time banding together for the causes of creativity. Originally, founded by Carla Cammilla Hjort as a record label boasting 100% artistic freedom, combined with an on-line music, art, and film shop whose sales would go towards supporting causes working to make the world a better place, ArtRebels has become much more.

As Hjort’s ambition to make “the coolest site online” grew, she began to amass a talented team to turn her dream a reality. The current ArtRebels Crew consists dj’s, musicians, film makers, graphical designers, promoters and selfmade rebels alike. All the members operate in the interest of attaining their own measure of success while assisting others in their artistic endeavors forming a global artist support system. The ArtRebels website features the work of all of its constituents ranging across the wide spectrum of artistry…from music, to fashion to the realm of visual arts, It is truly an amalgamation of talent and ideas for the benefit of creative folks everywhere. If you fancy yourself a rebellious artist perhaps you should join the revolution.

via Josh Spear

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