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Visionaire/MINI collaboration

Visionaire/MINI collaboration

There is nothing we find more pulse raising than when great minds converge to create specially crafted masterpieces. So imagine our excitement upon hearing that Visionaire and MINI have come together to harness the genius of aficionados from the design and music world for their collection of limited edition vinyl records.

With musicians such as U2 and Courtney Love providing the sounds, and the likes of Karl Largerfeld and Alexander McQueen supplying the visuals, the collectable box-sets have been launched in time with the new and unique ‘shooting brake’ concept, for our already much lauded MINI Clubman.

Since 1991 Visionaire has been making its mark within the exclusive-loving fray with their collaborative albums that have thus far offered a forum for both famous and emerging artists.

This issue entitled ‘Sound’ is set to be another sought-after success. The 4,000 limited edition cases contain five vinyls, imprinted with customised images and 100 minutes of audio, from unreleased songs to spoken word recordings.

In this age of sleek digital sound systems, vinyl record players have become a dying breed. However, to combat most people’s inability to throw on a 12-inch, the records come complete with their very own player in the form of a dinky battery-powered MINI Clubman with speakers and a needle.

As the car drives around the record, it acts as a portable sound system, although we feel maybe not conducive to a bumpy car ride. However, for those who wish to listen on the move, the set will also contain CDs with all the sound content.

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