Tuesday, November 6

Gloom Box not Boom Box... (Nu Grave not Nu rave)

Poor little Nu Rave kids, there they were - being all inimitable and interesting and along comes thiefing trouble TopShop and turns the maverick mass - tsk, tsk Topshop, you really do bloody bore me.

As fluro flies off the store shelves, the 'cool kids' of the East End and beyond have been - very visibly - killing off their own culture. Enter fake blood, all black and a distinct turn away from all that they stood for, namely bright, lurid colours and a smack slash of something odd to beauty boot. Highly goth, this new movement is a touch ugly and very, very angry but fantastic all the same. No one wants to be copied, least of all the kids leading the world a-fashion-stray... And it's not just the clubs that are witnessing this either, 'Dark Tourism' is the new thing to watch, with attendance figures of places typically associated with death and disaster going up, up, up...

via Ruby Pseudo

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