Thursday, November 1

Parking Space

Parc des Celestins, Lyon

A seven-storey cylinder of space shaped by the inner drum' ... Parc des Celestins, Lyon, designed by Michael Targe, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Daniel Buren. Photograph courtesy of Lyon Parc Auto. Photograph: Thames & Hudson

Pydar Street, Truro

Pydar Street, Truro. Photograph: Sue Barr/Thames & Hudson

Takasaki Parking BuildingTakasaki Parking Building

'An architect who has sought to 'de-emphasize the solidity of architecture'' ... Takasaki Parking Building. Photograph courtesy of Kengo Kuma & Associates. Photograph: Thames & Hudson

Marine Parade, Worthing

Marine Parade, Worthing. Photograph: Sue Barr/Thames & HudsonTricorn Centre, Portsmouth

'Using formal expression to overcome any shortfall in the quality of construction' ... The Tricorn Centre, Portsmouth, designed by The Owen Luder Partnership.

Photograph: Sue Barr/Thames & Hudson

60 East Lake Street, Chicago

'Replicates a mutant pre-war roadster's radiator grille' ... 60 East Lake Street, Chicago. Photograph courtesy of Tigerman Fugman McCurry. Photograph: Thames & Hudson

Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina - the development initially closed in 1979 after only the car park had been built.

Photograph: Sue Barr/Thames & Hudson

Calderwood Street, Woolwich

Calderwood Street, Woolwich.

Photograph: Sue Barr/Thames & Hudson

Car-Park Rotundas, Hamburg Airport

'Entry and exit ramps entwined in a highly refined double helix' ... Car-Park Rotundas, Hamburg Airport. Photograph courtesy of Von Gerkan, Marg & Partner.

Photograph: Thames & Hudson
Debenhams, London

'Illustrates beautifully the convergence of tectonic matter and geometric composition' ... Debenhams, Welbeck Street, London, designed by Michael Blampied.

Photograph: Sue Barr/Thames & Hudson

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