Monday, March 29

Diesel Plays Coy with Interactive Online Vid /// Digital, Buzz, viral & social media marketing agency ★★★ Vanksen|Culture-buzz

Adding more relatability to Diesel’s "Get Stupid" campaign, which is all about taking risks you normally feel inhibited from chasing, Anomaly (@AnomalyLondon) and Stink (@Stink) have launched an interactive music video for the brand.

Watch "A Hundred Lovers" (interactivity-free, unfortunately) here:

The video’s cute, slightly indy and vaguely OK Go. Totally true to the "Be Stupid" tagline in the sense that there’s an authentic feel to these people getting up and trying out a simple little dance in a bar. The characters change, adding an element of colour, diversity and — weirdly enough — shared experience to what would otherwise be a pretty dull scene, and it also made us consider that a place comes alive because of the repetitive activites that different people bring to it, reliably, every day.

If you’re anything like us (though hopefully not as overthinky), you might find you warm to it.

The end tapers off with a cute girl in a fedora, breaking out the last of her moves with a casual and self-effacing grace. We’re a far cry from windowshopper tea parties, ladies and gents.

The superfancy engagement-building version that’s supposed to make you salivate for skinny jeans should be live at but it’s down right now, as is the Contagious article that broke the news. Contagious promises the subsite, at least, will be back up soon.

Charming stuff, but now we wanna know about the interactivity stuff. Look lively, Diesel! Where’s it at?

While we wait, check out Diesel’s epilepsy-generating Be Stupid e-store. The appearance of frenetic activity — a ticker, blinking "limited stock" signs and changing statistics — makes us feel ... pressured.

But maybe it works. The following message now appears on Diesel’s homepage:

All that red, all that bold typeface, and all those takes on "Be Stupid" make us want a shirt too. And we don’t even wear shirts. (We wear rage.)

In other recent instances of brands doing karaoke, Christian Dior hosts a music video featuring Franz Ferdinand and Marion Cotillard; Chatroulette gets a Ben Folds serenade; ABSOLUT recounts the Jay-Z epic ... and Warren Buffett impersonates Axl Rose.

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