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Bloggers Create Social Network Via Snail Mail

Social networks present a paradox; we utilize them as a utility to keep in touch with everyone, and yet people spend hours everyday interacting on them. It’s clear from this that the commodity being played with is time. Moreover, we are accustomed to immediate and self-gratifying communication. In reaction though, many of us still lament older forms of human interactions. Because in a world where birthday wishes are symbolized by animated gifs and two second decisions about whether to post a comment on Facebook, the sincerity can sometimes feel a little lacking.

This is where the Package Project takes it starting point. The goal is to build a network of interactions by sending creative and colorful packages to other bloggers. They write:

The Package Project is an exchange aimed to connect bloggers around the world and to grow the blogging community even further. It is all about swopping pretty packages and handmade delights. The packaging only makes the exchange more fun so get creative…strings, manila tags and ribbons galore. Each package must be a joy to receive and each time you do receive one…pop out your camera and snap away. This way we all get to share in a bit of your excitement.

By participating, you get to learn about your blogging partner through their creativity as much as their contents. More importantly though, the sense of anticipation between each blogger builds a more meaningful interaction because of the time needed to create the project as well as send/receive. Time, here, is still a commodity, but is it possible to feel a little bit of sincerity reinstated when you know the other person has spent just as much time as you have thinking of them?

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