Thursday, October 25

Zaha Hadid to Fans: 'One Day, You Will Stink Like I Stink'


Let it be know that we believe we're the first to say this: we're all being conned. Via Archinect, we caught word that uber-starchitect (and then some), Zaha Hadid, is planning not only a line of shoes, but also her own perfume. This second one is just absurd and until we're able to stand in a room and get spritzed with a bottle of "The Hadidian Scent of the Mysterious Zaha," we're going to hold firm in our belief that this is big, very funny joke. Otherwise, we think we'd get a really bad headache. Here's from Building Design:

Her office is remarkably reticent about the project, but confirms that both a Zaha scent and shoes are just two of the brand extensions now being worked on. It's not hard to imagine Zaha shoes -- think Christian Louboutin rather than Converse -- but bottling herself as an eponymous perfume takes more than a leap of imagination.

via mediabistro

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