Thursday, October 11

Michel Gondry Versus Motorola

AdWeek wrote a piece about the flair up between agency Cutwater’s hiring of Michel Gondry for a Motorola TV spot. The agency actually shot the ad, but it never aired. Apparently, Cutwater is now in some sort of purgatory with Motorola over the $800,000 spot. The client believed it was too “artistic.” Huh. We liked it actually. What do you think? Watch it above.

Cutwater wanted to keep Gondry’s vision intact during the editing phase, but the client wanted to remove the more “fanciful elements” that basically make Michel Gondry, Michel Gondry and not some other guy. The Adweek article goes on to report that: ‘After production had been completed in June, an agency meeting with Motorola CEO Ed Zander made it clear that in Asia—where Motorola is handled by Ogilvy & Mather in Beijing—focusing on the slimness of the phone was gaining favor. The client asked Cutwater to incorporate that strategy into the print executions, but the results were ads that one source called “Frankensteinish.”‘

In the end, a commercial emphasizing the phone’s slimness began running globally from Ogilvy. It features a couple dueling on a subway platform with their phones. Watch it below.

Here’s the thing - if you’re Motorola and you agree with Cutwater to hire Michel Gondry then surely you have some expectation of what you’re going to get. Have they never seen the Science of Sleep? It seems odd to us that if as a brand, you wanted simplicity then above all - you don’t hire Gondry. We feel for Cutwater on that one.

via Agency Spy

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