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Cardboard Furniture from Foldschool

D.I.Y. Know When to Fold ’Em

Published: October 7, 2007

Looking for that perfect accent for your design-conscious toddler’s room but don’t have the budget for a set of junior Panton chairs? The Swiss designer Nicola Enrico Stäubli has just the solution: his Web site,, provides downloadable patterns for a stool, a chair and a rocker, all of his own design — for free.

The easy-to-follow instructions guide you through the cutting out, scoring, gluing and assembly. With a knack for crafts and a free afternoon (or two or three), you can put together the crystalline Frank Gehry-esque seating. Eco-friendly (corrugated cardboard is reusable and recyclable), not to mention crayon-friendly (you can actually encourage drawing on the furniture), it’s just the kind of conversation starter your child needs for her next play date.

via New York Times

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