Friday, October 12

Bravia Space

It seems nothing will stop the experience, I am planning on Colouring my weekend like No Other by visiting the Colour Rooms in Shoreditch and see how the concept comes to life.
I wonder if they serve rainbow beverages

Sneak preview and more details on the project

BRAVIA NEW WORLD 03 October 2007
The Colour Rooms - A Space by Bravia, a bespoke environment designed to complement the Sony brand, opened last week in London and Berlin.
Approached by Bravia in late summer to create an experience to enhance the brand, creative director of Lunch Communications Nick Stickland and his team including art director Richard Stephens and project director Hannah Measures, set about bringing the "Colour Like No Other" tagline to life.

"To build it, I'd say we had a team of about 100 people over a period of two to three weeks," he explains. "It was unbelievable to see the turnaround time. We had people working 24 hours a day. A team of about 100 to 150 in two cities."

Unsurprisingly given the budget (a hefty 1.5 million Euros), everything from the light fittings to the furniture is bespoke. The space comes complete with a private screening room, kitchen, bar and VIP lounge, each emblazoned with colour.

Despite the amount of work and money invested in the project, London's Colour Rooms has an expiry date. "It's not permanent," explains Stickland. "It's a kind of pop-up space with a limited life-span. It may expand, but it's currently designed with a pop-up sensibility."

The Colour Rooms
52-54 Holywell Lane

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