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Pixel Hotel Linz: Opening Party: 13.02.2009

Pixelhotel is a Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture project.

Pixelhotel invites its guests to spend their stay in Linz residing in not-your-everyday accommodations—in a Pixelhotel providing a very unconventional sort of lodging. The individual rooms and suites are dispersed throughout the entire city. Here, a room’s situated in an old storefront; there, it’s in a former workshop set on a backstreet courtyard or on a ship. All over town, there are interesting but unused premises that are being converted into hotel rooms in conjunction with this urban development and architectural project. They’re in nice residential areas, downtown, industrial zones and working-class neighborhoods—after all, every part of town has its stories to tell and the Pixelhotel lets guests experience them right up close.

A Pixel is the smallest unit of the hotel. For breakfast, though, guests have to leave the premises and make their way to one of the cafés located nearby. Same goes for lunch and dinner: you’re called upon to take city map and transit system pass in hand and discover the culinary pleasures the city has to offer. Thus, the restaurants of Linz serve as the hotel’s dining room, and neighborhood pubs with their local color more than make up for the absence of a lobby bar.

Pixel in court
Marienstr. 10a

The Pixel im Hof is located in the heart of downtown Linz. It’s very close to museums art-house cinemas , bars and restaurants. You’re just a short walk from Linz’s Main Square (Hauptplatz) and the adjacent Alter Markt and Landstraße, one of Austria's liveliest shopping streets. And yet, right around the corner in a narrow little lane named Marienstraße, you’d never guess you were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a big, modern city. An old-fashioned notions dealer sells buttons, ribbons and elastic waistbands; the African shop across the way purveys exotic culinary specialties. Hidden amongst the storefronts is the narrow passageway leading to the Pixel im Hof.

What long ago was a cabinetmaker’s workshop that has since been occupied by a wide array of tenants (including a mender of pots & pans) is now a spacious, 90-m2 hotel room. Many of its features seem to have been here for an eternity: the industrial-strength freight elevator that’s been converted into a walk-in closet, or the ‘60s-vintage camping trailer that now serves as a sort of adjunct living room. A hand-operated color organ has been installed on one of the space’s walls to evoke the photo studio that once occupied these premises. This Pixel features a small bath-oasis that exudes a wonderfully cozy warmth.

King-size bed (it is possible to give a supplementary bed for 1 or 2 persons), lot, bathroom with WC, minibar, SAT-TV, free WLAN internet, hair-dryer, safe, smoker

Pixel with garden
Wimhölzlstraße 25

The Pixel im Garten is located right in the heart of Linz’s Franckviertel neighborhood. Here, a former working-class flat and a storefront have been merged to form a spacious hotel room. The retail space has been converted into a living room featuring a garden designed to provide privacy from inquisitive glances through the shop window. The authentic working-class architectural style has been preserved. The attached apartment is now the bedroom and bathroom, in which a sound & image installation by Janina Wegscheider and Martin Lasinger tells of how things used to be here in the days when the flat had no bath and the residents had to go to a nearby bathhouse to wash.

Wimhölzlstraße, the square on which Pixel mit Garten is located, is a popular meeting place for the inhabitants of Franckviertel. This was the site of a chicory coffee roasting plant and a horse hair spinning mill, and the quarter long considered Linz’s quintessential working-class neighborhood. The local borough hall is also on Wimhölzelplatz. The square’s park benches are quite inviting; in summer, locals like to sit in the patio garden of Gasthaus Union, a pub that’s been quenching locals’ thirst since the beginnings of this part of town.

King-size bed, 2 bicycles, bathtube, WC, minibar, SAT-TV, free WLAN internet, hair-dryer, 2 canvas chairs, safe, non-smoker

Pixel in the textilpassage
Graben 3

Graben 3, located in the centre of Linz’s inner city, houses our "Pixel in der Textilpassage" and the gallery that keeps the Pixel supplied with artworks from its collection. Walk down the passageway past the gallery on your left and you reach a small, rather idyllic inner courtyard. You are now in front of the "Pixel in der Textilpassage", which is remarkable in architectural terms above all for the playful use it makes of the vertical dimension.

Living, sleeping and, last but not least, playing are assigned four different levels. The room is dominated by a floating island offering storage space, seating furniture and a bed for the night. The island also gives you access to adjoining Nimmerland (Neverland), a small room so low it’s almost impossible for fully grown people to stand upright in it. This room was specially conceived for children and/or the eternal child in us. Furnished with pillows and a games console, it serves as a den to withdraw to from the hubbub in the city.

“Pixel in der Textilpassage” is located in the heart of the oldest part of Linz. Newly renovated Pfarrplatz is only a stone’s throw away and has a number of attractive restaurants with outdoor seating; there is always something on by way of cultural events. Hauptplatz, the old city, and Donaupark with the Lentos Kunstmuseum and Brucknerhaus are only a few minutes away.

King-size bed (it is possible to give a supplementary bed for 1 or 2 persons), bathroom with WC, minibar, SAT-TV, free WLAN internet, hair-dryer, safe nintendo entertainment system NES

Pixel in the gallery
Hirschgasse 17

Located near Landestheater is the art gallery Simone Feichtner specialized in young contemporary art. In 2009 the gallery contains pixelhotel based on the design of Thomas Feichtner, who created a very special bed for this pixel.

kingsize bed, bathroom with shower and WC, hairdryer, Minibar, TV, WLAN internet access, no smoking

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Pixel Hotel

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