Sunday, February 15

Designer Breakfast: The virtual agency, the cataclysmic shake-up, and the artists’ attic …

Come and hear design industry legend Michael Peters tell us why small is the new big.

From the Michael Peters Group of old to today’s Michael Peters and Partners (via Identica), his extraordinary story has taken him from the biggest consultancy in the world to a home studio of just one – plus assistants. And clients love him for it.

Today Michael Peters runs a virtual agency, adding creative partners as required according to a new business model he describes as the ‘artists’ attic’. Why? Because he believes a cataclysmic shake-up is forcing the design industry to reinvent itself.

“Clients,” he says, “are sick and tired of the bullshit in our business. They want to connect around ‘the kitchen table’. They want the killer idea, not the Mayfair address. And I want creative people to be recognised as crucial cogs in the wheel of commerce. It has to be a partnership, not a client-servant relationship.”

Come and hear Michael Peters describe his model for increased creativity, improved contact with the people who matter, and – above all – better reward. “In February I’ll be unveiling a landmark initiative that will revolutionise the way we do business – a whole new approach to remuneration for our industry.”

Like to be there when Michael spills the beans? This essential event is for anyone who wants to understand where we are, how we got here, and where we’re going.

“It’s time to cut our business in half. When times get tough, the greatest thinking gets produced.” You heard it here first.

Exhibition Room, St Bride Library,

Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EE

Thursday 19 February / 8am breakfast / 8.30 event / 9.30 close

Designer Breakfast

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