Sunday, September 7


I have been reading a lot about storytelling and the retail environment lately. Here are two interesting examples I came accross this week.

Idris Mootee puts it really well in a recent post:

Real-life customer stories will fuel the re-invention of marketing, all brands in the future will exist between the intersection of a value system and stories around them. Expect that in 3 years the competition of noises and images will evolve into a stage which I call stories war. Every brand will fight not to own a positioning (that’s so old school advertising) but to own stories. The next competitive front for brands would be to own the “best stories” and most relevant "key words” for search. Who cares about tag lines and slogans. Most of them don’t mean anything anyway.

then David Polinchock

In this digital age, when information is alway's available online, while walking around places, I can never find the information about what I'm looking at. I'm not talking about directions, but the stories of the places I'm looking at. And not just the tourist story, I want to know more stories, the personal stories from peolple with experience. That's why people like tour guides. Good ones can tell us the inside story and give us a peek behind the curtain.

via FutureLab

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