Sunday, September 14

Benjamin Jurgensen

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Don't Ready to Die Anymore
every-ting crash, this is a chaos race, not your typical dark skinned disney villains
mdf, wood, urethane foam, steel, latex paint, egg cartons & eggs
mdf, latex paint
put we to your ear and hear yesteryear’s ocean, mute affairs, mortarboards, merman graduate shit, this is just future love like water dripping down her inner thigh, teardrops as diluted thoughts filtered through the mainstream, twenty thing-a-ma-bobs, treasure troves, spear-fishing, love’s fragile future only safe speaking through cartoon thought bubbles and coral thieves, lured into the deepest oceans of fantasy, flipping fins, marquees wash up on shore, legs required in the seas of change, reprimanded daughters, breathing the same air, just done differently
mdf, latex paint, nylon rope, video projection
life after death, ninety-six, woulda stayed fine had puff daddy been a better father figure
mdf, vinyl, plastic crown, gold leaf, latex & acrylic paint
nine fourteen ninety-six, above the rim on vhs served as reference
mdf, limestone, bandana, acrylic paint
the new white flight flat packs, propelling expectations of hover parents, affectionless, despondent, twenty-two and never free
mdf, latex paint, Fibromyalgia For Dummies (Second Ed.)
shadows only cast if comic book courage amounts to anything more than tattered sheets and exploded ankles
mdf, steel, urethane foam, latex paint
dave stoller is the super pro hypernostalgia, the italians are coming, & remaking away
single channel video, projector, mdf, wood, latex paint, hardware
spit your game, talk your shit, grab your gat, call your click
mdf, wood, latex paint
swinging on this and that hook (up), detached from the straight and narrow
mdf, wood, latex paint
thanks for the dream, never read word up magazine
mdf, wood, latex paint
bricks and mortar (fire) support the too low-low spoke(n) count
mdf, wood, latex paint
sparking magic trees, it was hot (box) ‘till it overheated
mdf, wood, latex paint
mechanize something idiosyncratic
archival pigment print

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