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The new Acne Stor in Stockholm, interesting story

September sees the reopening of ACNE Studio Norrmalmstorg, closed throughout summer for a major refurbishment. A complete revamp of the store sees ACNE’s flagship turned into an intimate space, with a separate area for each part of the collection. Screens that mimic the skies act as dividers, ensuring that the main collection, New Standard, Pop Classics and accessories are each allocated enough room to be displayed in their entirety. A grand denim centre piece acts as the nucleus of the store, thus demonstrating both the roots and the heart of ACNE. Taking into consideration the unusual history of the space, numerous original details of what used to be the former Kreditbanken have been reinstated, with original floors and stucco features back in place.

Today this grand locale is ACNE’s flagship store, yet 35 years ago the very same place was the backdrop of one of Sweden’s most legendary crimes. One morning in late August 1973, Jan Erik Olsson stormed into Kreditbanken on Norrmalmstorg in central Stockholm, held up the bank, shot and wounded a policeman and took four people hostage. Demanding the release of his imprisoned comrade, Sweden’s most notorious criminal Clark Olofsson, as well as three million Swedish Kronor and a fast get-away car, this was the beginning of a war between the two criminals and the police that captivated the Swedish people for the following week. In an unforeseen twist to the tale it soon became clear where the sympathies of the hostages lay. Begging the police to go easy on “Clark and Janne”, actively resisting attempts to be released, and, once freed, refusing to testify against them, the hostages’ behaviour puzzled media, police and psychologists alike. “The Stockholm Syndrome”, inspiration to countless psychological reports, was born.

ACNE is pleased to yet again open its doors to the public, either for a peak at the vault where unlikely sympathies were forged three and a half decades ago, or for a peak at the new season’s offerings. Norrmalmstorg 2 is once again open for business.

The new jeans shelf

Clark Olofsson with the hostage chained in the vault of the bank, now Acne's stockroom.

Police detectives waiting outside the bank for Clark.

The entrance to the vault today

Slideshow of the store

via Acne

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