Wednesday, September 24

Rem Koolhaas and the Prada Transformer

Rem Koolhaas keeps on keeping on with Prada. Following his work on their flagship store in NY back in 2006, his burnt down one in mysterious Marfa, and most recently in designing their new hard labor fashion camp headquaters, this time around he's designing something called the Prada Transformer, which, just as the name implies, is a building which can be reconfigured on the fly to allow for different events, like film screenings, fashion shows, etc. It's being built in Seoul, but, for the time being only has plans to exist for a handful of months before, we assume, it transforms back into a jet pack which Miuccia will use to fly back to Italy. Here's a bit:

The form of the structure is derived from a tetrahedron. Cranes will be used to rotate and flip the plates so that each side, representing a different cultural program, will have its turn as the structure's facade. The plates are four steel-framed shapes: a hexagon, a cross, a rectangle, and a circle.

The Transformer will be realized with the support of LG electronics, hyundai motor company and red resource and it will be located next to the traditional 16th century kyeonghee palace in seoul. Events will be held from the end of March to July 2009.


via Freshness, Design Boom and Unbeige

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