Friday, February 29

Roving accomodation: m-hotel, London, United Kingdom

Tim Pyne Associates create the m-hotel for use in vacant sites

This innovative concept for a temporary apart-hotel called m-hotel is due to be realized in London this summer. The idea is that it arrives in units (each 500sqft), which slot into a steel frame. The outside is branded using bus-film technology, so that the building can be given an appearance specific to each site, and obviously an appropriate brand which fits the building's particular clientele.

One of the m-hotels has been designed in an eye catching, striped design because it will be full of city businesspeople. It stays for a few years (between 7-10), and is then broken down and trucked off when the site owners want the site back. It is an apart-hotel because London is increasingly being inhabited by European businesspeople who need places to live which are not hotels. Lost in Translation was accurate; you can do about 5 days before going crazy.

it is a new use for all those car parks in emerging areas (e.g. Shoreditch) which the site owners are sitting on waiting for the land values to rise. The first m-hotel will be in Hoxton, London, adjacent to the Shoreditch Goods Yard. It has an 8-year lease. Work is due to start in Summer 2008 and be complete by the end of the year.

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