Wednesday, February 13

Chanel + Zaha Hadid’s Mobile Art Museum

by Orli Sharaby

With Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, Chanel is doing some pretty interesting stuff, but obviously never losing sight of reminding us how great they are in the process. The latest venture of the venerable fashion house is something called “Chanel Mobile Art,” a traveling exhibition featuring pieces by 20 contemporary avant garde and up-and-coming artists, in which all of the pieces are inspired by the iconic Chanel quilt bag.

The exhibition will begin in Hong Kong on February 27, then travel around the world to Tokyo, New York, London, Moscow, and Paris — except it’s not only the art that moves, but the museum structure itself. And the pop-up “Art Container,” as it’s called, was designed by none other than Zaha Hadid. Lagerfeld describes the concept thus:

“Nobody did that before, eh? Nobody made a museum what can travel. Normally people have to travel to the museum. This time, it is the museum that is traveling. I think that is a very new concept….I think design and architecture are the real art of today.”

via PSFK

Chanel Mobile Art

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