Thursday, February 28

Bags Of Swedish Style


Photos by Knotan

Since we happened to mention some rather stylish bags by Cala & Jade from Norway the other day, we felt it only fair to mention our favorite bags from their Swedish neighbor Sandqvist.

Anton Sandqvist established the Sandqvist brand in 2004 with the aim of designing and producing stylish, clean and functional laptop bags. We love the minimalistic Scandinavian style of the resulting Sandqvist Workbags line. Bags that also happen to be made of highly durable industrial materials, despite their good looks.

With a desire to be more elaborate with form and materials, Sandqvist launched a new fashion accessory line at the end of last year. Influenced by vintage as well as contemporary design, the new range has a certain modern elegance whilst still maintaining a smart functionality for every day life. Take a look at the new Sandqvist Accessories line below and read about the inspiration behind the design of the new Arne bag:


Story of Arne

When Anton Sandqvist was a kid in the early 80's, his family used to spend their Summers renting a farm cottage on a Swedish island called Vinön,. His father’s best friend used to stay with them for at least 3 weeks every Summer. Anton remembers how he would arrive in his Chevy Camaro, the fat wheels spinning on the muddy yard when it was raining. He taught Anton and his brother how to shoot an airgun and he frequently contributed to their collection of empty beer cans.

His father’s friend was called Arne and his luggage for the whole summer consisted of one bag and a fishing rod. The Arne bag was designed from Anton’s vague memory how his father’s friend’s bag used to look.




Canvas Flatcase

Large Workbag


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