Thursday, September 6

Public Experiments: Sound

The Serpentine Gallery in London's Kensington Gardens is launching a series of ‘public experiments’, performed by architects, scientists and artists.

The series will kick off with a sonic experiment tomorrow night when the Serpentine Gallery will be ‘played’ through a series of sonic installations exploring the tones and vibrations created by compressing air in the gallery space.

Architects, musicians and artists will create a sonic laboratory by devising and performing hand-held experiments that explore the physicality of the space through the bodily and psychological perception of sound.

The evening will include the debut of a newly invented instrument, created by a violin maker from Reykjavik.

For the past three years, Hans Johannsson has been developing a new stringed instrument ‘for the 21st Century’, which fuses art, architecture and traditional instrument-making with contemporary aesthetics, technology and materials.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to witness experiments in colour and space, culminating in a 24-hour experiment marathon from 13-14 October.



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