Wednesday, September 5

Beautiful Information Graphics

Informatics by Catalogtree


Desalination (March 2007)

diagram showing the process of desalinating seawater



Architect magazine(April 2007)

Diagrams for Architects Magazine. Washington D.C., USA


talkshow 03-09-07 (May 2007)

Mapping a talkshow with Aaron Koblin, Wilfried Houjebek and Catalogtree
on 03-09-2007 as part of the Info Aesthetics Symposium organized by LUST, The Hague, NL. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (Processing).

NYT databox (June 2007)

Infographics for the New York Times Magazine, January to June 2007


by the numbers II

(March 2007)

Chart for Key, the New York Times Real Estate Magazine about local housing markets in the U.S.

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