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For production companies finding new ways of showcasing directors is a head-scratcher at the best of times, but for New York's Idealogue and RSA affiliate Little Minx, it's all turned out to be hi-tech childsplay.
The idea of dragging the early 1900s parlour game Exquisite Corpse into the 21st century and applying it to the very small screen of personal media players is spawning an ongoing series of scripts and films, with a different director picking up where the other left off.

The concept was thought up by Jacqueline Bosnjak and Mark Beukes, founders and guardians of Idealogue, the new media entertainment studio best known for creating the adidas adicolor podcasts which this year won a yellow Pencil in the viral films category at the D&AD Awards.

The concept of an interconnected, content driven and non-linear film series made specifically for download to iPhones, iPods and Sony PSPs, which would not only entertain, but give directors the chance to stretch their imaginations, appealed to Little Minx. Bosnjak and Beukes recall: "We met with [Little Minx founder] Rhea [Scott]. She was extremely excited about experimenting with new narrative styles and offering her directors the opportunity to create engaging and compelling stories and content."

With everyone on the same page it was decided that the starting point for the project would be the Exquisite Corpse movie poster created by British designer David Pearson. From this director Laurent Briet kicked off the chain which so far boasts fellow Little Minx directors Chris Nelson, Malik Hassan Sayeed, Josh Miller and Phillip Van, with more directors lined up to pick up the story as it ends.

The Exquisite Corpse begins on October 1 and will continue with fortnightly instalments available from the Little Minx website.

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