Saturday, April 25

See it Now, Buy it Now

A new trend in fashion is set to hit the catwalks of New York in September 2009, when the newly formed New York Fashion Week Organisation (NYFW), a non-profit charity that benefits children in need, will stage a series of charitable consumer fashion shows.

Fashionistas near and far will be able to purchase their invitation for the exclusive catwalk shows hosted this Fall by NYFW (the Nonprofit Org), but also to buy their favourite designs straight off the runway on their mobile smart phones. Love it or hate it, the consumer is taking control of the fashion industry and events that emphasize the importance of including consumers are rapidly spreading. A shift towards direct-to-consumer marketing will enable customers to become their own fashion buyers." said Production Manager Yvette Gotay.

And these events will not only enable designers to showcase their latest eco friendly cutting edge creations ahead of their competitors, but also to manufacture garments according to consumer demand. Because of this, the new fall venue is attracting industry-wide attention from many high end fashion firms and boutiques, both locally and internationally.

With this kind of demand, the industry is becoming more aware that the end consumer is the real buyer, and so designers are now more willing to sell direct to customers.

About the Organization

The New York Fashion Week Organization is a newly created non-profit charity organization intended to mobilize the fashion apparel, beauty, accessories, home and related industries to help children in distressed situations. The organization is teaming up with eco friendly designers who endorse good labor practices.

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