Thursday, April 16

Milan preview

Top : Tension Bench by Lisa Johansson
Bottom: Giles Miller-Lego®

Crisis Shop - Sold Out

22nd - 27th April '09

Seves glassblock Showroom

Via Lodovico il Moro 25/27, Milan

The RCA’s PLATFORM 10 presents Crisis Shop - Sold out, an exhibition of work focused on handling situations of crisis in our contemporary society.

Featuring a series of products, each offering an opportunity in disguise, the exhibition offers a stimulus to rethink what a crisis actually is.

From candles with suction pads to deal with any emergency, to take-apart cutlery and LEGO® tables, the exhibition invests in the means to respond to crises at large.

To coincide with the exhibition Seves glassblock Showroom will host a series of films and lectures, with critical contributions by Prof. Niko Papastergiadis, Deyan Sudjic, and Richard Wentworth.

Top: Table by REEVESdesign
Below: Bird Houses by Chris Eckersley

Smile: Designersblock

April 22nd - 27th '09

Revel Scalo d’Isola
Via Thaon De Revel,3, Milano (Zona Isola)

Designersblock will be back in Milan this year showcasing a star lineup of established and up-and-coming designers including the like of Chris Eckersley, Puff & Flock, Reevesdesign and our personal favorite Ercol.

To complement the exhibition there will be a full program of screenings, discussions, presentations, performance and lots more taking place throughout the days and evenings of the salone in the Theater section of the venue.

So although it might be slightly off the beaten path, i would definitely include it on my list of must sees in Milan.

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