Thursday, May 22

claude cormier: “pergola”

To celebrate the inaugural year of the Arts Le Havre Biennale d’Art Contemporain, Montréal-based landscape architect and urban designer Claude Cormier constructed a beautiful impressionist tribute to one of the world’s most famous painters - Le Havre’s own Claude Monet.

Meant to mirror the wisteria flowers that showed up in so many of Monet’s works, “Pergola” is made up of 90,000 plastic balls draped into the trees outside the Le Havre City Hall. I like the weird juxtaposition of the technicolour plastic balls against the organic green of the trees. I kind of want to yank them all down, create a ball pit, and throw some children in it… but this is good too.

via Shape+Colour

Via Lost At E Minor

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