Sunday, March 23

Girly high tech or la vie en rose

'Feminocracy' is on people lips, see Design Week (Feb 2008)
Let's follow the trend

finepixz20 fuji Fine Pix by Fuji

motorola u9 femmeU9 Motorola

chaise longue clavier pink mouse by La chaise Longue

Le chauffe mug de Brando USB Coffee warmer by Brando

nintendo ds lite femme DS Lite by Nintendo

cleusblachaiselongueUSB by La chaise Longue

ipode nano rose Ipod Nano by Apple
parfum mageekstore Perfume and USB by Mageekstore

ordinateur vaio rouge Viao by Sony

hp pda Ipack 100 by HP

21st Century girl
Le journal des femmes

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