Tuesday, April 6

Life's a Skitsch - Interior Design Blog


By Rebecca Hoh, idfx

Skitsch, an Italian slang word meaning cool, is also the name of the contemporary design brand that launched in Milan 2009, who marks its first anniversary with the opening of a new 350 sq m store on the Brompton Road. I went along to check out the interesting interior and catch a sneak preview of the new products which will be launched at this year's Milan show.



The interior is actually quite industrial and distressed, despite its swanky South Kensington location, with sawed wooden floors, rough concrete surfaces and glass shelves supported by iron girders. Remnants of wallpaper appear left on the wall that leads you to the ground floor space that has been designed by Studio Pepe.


The new collection sees the company collaborating with a new selection of designers such as French collective 5.5 who has created the Fire Lamp, a blown glass flame that burns on a wood chunk base. Marcel Wanders is also on board with the transformable sofa with its giant quilting and crystal buttons and Dutch designer Bertjian Pot offers Pion, a table lamp of Nomex (a Dupont style material) and will also showcase an installation in the showroom in the near future.



It's definitely an exciting space, with a great set of products shown in a very cool (or should I say skitsch) way, marking a successful first year for the brand. To this end, I am looking forward to celebrating at the official birthday party in the Milan showroom during the design show next month.




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