Saturday, August 1

Mobile Advertising – 2020 vision: The rise of the individual

Great paper on Mobile Advertising in 2020 by Acision and OgilvOne.

You can look at the slideshare or download it here
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Here are some highlights:

Mobile advertising in 2020 will be mobile directed advertising. It is about collaboration and individual control. The mobile device will enable the individuals to decide where, when and on what screen they would like to receive their chosen advertisement. Advertising will move away from creating campaigns which are forced upon particular consumer categories and instead will transform to engage in constant conversations, where both parties participate.
1. The advertising agency will transform from one which is industry led, namely by the brands, to one where the individual is brought more into the communication process.
2. The consumers will evolve from those having advertisements pushed to them, to being able to select what information is allowed to reach them.
3. Different types of mobile operator will be formed. Operators will no longer be the linking pin we know now who are able to provide all the infrastructure, services and want to control the end user experience, competing with each other. There will be operators who decide to specialize purely in the infrastructure and will provide this capability to those who have decided to focus solely on the services.

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