Monday, August 3

9h new-generation capsule hotel, Tokyo

Opening next december in kyoto is 9h [nine hours], a next-generation capsule hotel created by designer masaaki hiromura and interior designer takaaki nakamura. the result is a capsule hotel concept that fuses modern design, comfort and new technology. this technology, dubbed sleeping environment system, has been developed in collaboration with panasonic denko and aims to increase the guest’s well-being. Check out the exhibition dedicated to the 9h capsule hotel, opening at tokyo’s axis gallery on wed - aug 19. location: 5-17-1 roppongi, 4th floor.

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  1. Last year during my business trip I experienced to stay in a Capsule Hotel (i.e. Hotel New Gyominso), Tokyo, Japan for one night. Good value for money, it is really a cheapest accommodation in Tokyo. Good location, 24 hour check in/check out. Stayed here to try an alternative type of accommodation. Enjoyed, staff but weak English was friendly, helpful. Overall, I'll rank it a good experience...

    This one looks like an high-tech hotel room, will definitely try it..