Monday, October 27

Hako-ie, Japanese House in a Box Wins Good Design Award

The Hako-ie “house in a box” is an assembly-type Japanese-style room that you can set up inside a larger space. Made with excellent materials and fine techniques, with attention to the smallest detail. It has tatami mats, as well as an arched ceiling, a lacquered tokonoma corner, and even a wooden veranda. It can be assembled or disassembled in an hour and requires no nails or screws, just a hammer and battens. A winner of the Good Design Award 2008.

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Hako-ie, by Asao Sakamoto, Sakamoto Urushi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Best 15, Good Design Award

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  1. This is a great way to create a calm oasis in what might otherwise be a chaotic space. It's a shame there aren't any pictures of the interior, though I can imagine.

    I like the way that traditional Japanese architecture is dimensioned around tatami mats (having 1:2 proportions and typically 90 x 180 cm). Thus you might have a three mat room (as here) or a six-mat room.