Thursday, October 16

Culinary Trend Mapping Report

You may know I am on the look out for interesting food spaces developments now that the credit crunch is forcing us in.

Here is how the supermarkts and CPG's industry are responding to the crisis and the new "Guess, who's coming to dinner" trend I came across another a big report: The culinary trend mapping report dealing with the subject and at home being the new eat out, food manufacturers are offering restaurant quality packaged meals without the dining out tag price.
According to Karlene Lukovitzon,
"for all players in the prepared-meals game, the keys are staying in constant touch with consumers' rapidly evolving convenience and taste/quality expectations, and continually honing strategies that are founded on an understanding of the core trends driving meal solutions, sums up CCD. Those drivers include the well-established ones of consumers' focus on health/wellness and "eating adventures," as well as emerging drivers including "chef cachet," outlet convenience, local/seasonal offerings and meal-planning assistance."

In line with these, CCD recommends that CPGs consider strategies such as branded merchandise sections within supermarkets/grocery retailers that link products with a chef (so as to appeal to the allure of sophisticated, high-end prepared meals); adding restaurant-inspired sides and desserts to entrée lines; and emphasizing frozen and fresh-prepared meals that offer ingredient "purity" and "global inspiration."

If supermarkets are the new restaurants, surely restaurants have to be the new home

More on restaurants trends shortly in the meantime you can enjoyed the credit crunch chocolate designed by Purpose for Selfridges


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