Monday, August 11

The Old Curiosity shop and BLAAK

Spotted on Diane Pernet's website a little interview of Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif from Blaak. Love the fact the shop has a nice story behind it.


Last time I was in London I had dinner with Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif , the design duo behind the brand BLAAK.

DP: Can you tell me about your new shop?
AS: The Old Curiosity shop is a special space - it’s a complete universe

The interior was originally designed by Fritz of Frick n Frack (also
designed Bjork & Boy George’s house) in the early 90’s.
He was part of the whole House Of Beauty and Culture era


We’ve commissioned Max Lamb to design special pieces for the shop. His work
is at the edge of beauty and ugly where the blurring is at its most

Thorbjorn Ankerstjerne is art directing the branding for the shop.

Official opening date is today 08/08/08


DP: What is the history of the shop?
AS: It the Oldest Shop in London dating back to 1567 and become immortalized by
Charles Dickens book " the Old Curiosity Shop in 1841.
Daita Kimura took it on in 1992

DP: What made you decide to have a shop in the first place?
AS: It very important to have a place where people - who do not have the
opportunity to experience the show. Get to see the collection as we would
like it presented. To have a space that allows a dialogue with the
customer. This was the main reason to have a shop and the opportunity arose
to work with Daita and the shop seemed like a natural progression from the


DP: What will you be selling there?
AS: Our men's collection also our collaborative work with Daita Kimura and
Oliver Goldsmith for Blaak Homme as well as Daita's own line of shoes


DP: Where is it?
AS: Holborn off Lincoln's Inn Fields - historic area for the Sir John Sanes
Museum and the Royal Court of Justice. Hence the area is the centre of the
judiciary in England

DP: Who do you expect to attract there?

AS: Daita has built up a loyal and discreet following over the last 15 years and
we want to build on this - due to its historic importance, it’s amazing how
many different types of people pass by the shop.

Also due to its location and the fact there are no shops in the surrounding
It sets its self up nicely - it's not what you'll be expecting when you walk
through the door.

DP: How would you describe your collection?
AS: Based around a running theme of the Poet, the Outsider and the w
Working Class Hero. Inspiration's are drawn from these idea's of "Men" and
how the interpose with each other. As always there is a heavy dose tribal
influences that come through

DP: How important are accessories for you, you do sunglasses, shoes, bags...what
don't you do?
AS: They are part of the collection, and enhance the look but not a distraction
from the collection.

The Old Curiosity Shop
13/14 Portsmouth Street
London WC2A 2ES
T +44 (0) 20 7405 9891
Opening Tues-Saturday 11am-6pm

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