Friday, August 22

ESOMAR 2008/ Montreal 22-25 September

If you have a moment listen to this really interesting preCast, looking at cultural and sociological methods and how they impact brand strategy and innovation.

"I think all the research industry should adopt a CFO, because what the CFO wants to know is not whether this ad tested better than that ad, but does the whole program move us ahead in making brands more valuable in peoples' lives and therefore impacting the bottom line." (Alan C. Middleton).

In this preCast, ahead of this year's Congress in Montreal, BrainJuicer Chief Juicer John Kearon chats with three of the Congress keynotes about how cultural and technological changes are impacting peoples' lives, and how the disciplines of marketing, branding and research need to adapt.

Joining John is former senior JWT executive Alan Middleton, popular anthropologist Grant McCracken, and design entrepreneur Richard Eisermann.



Alan C. Middleton
Assistant Prof. of Marketing and Executive Director,
Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business,
York University
Grant McCracken
Anthropologist, Research Affiliate, MIT
Richard Eisermann
Co-founder, Prospect
Host: John Kearon
Chief Juicer, BrainJuicer

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