Friday, February 12

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Honda has unveiled a crowd sourced journey to celebrate the launch of the CR-Z, the first ever sporty hybrid car.

The campaign, which launched today at allows users to log on and submit their own ideas for journeys across Europe. This can be accompanied by a story and video as justification to why they want to do this particular trip; maybe to visit friends, follow a band around the country, track down relatives or as one keen entrant has already suggested, to track down every single one of his 186 Facebook friends take pictures of them and compile a real life 'face' book.

Over the next month and a half, the submitted entries will be voted on by the public and the most popular journeys will become a short film directed by award-winning documentary maker, Claudio Von Planta featuring the applicant and the Honda CR-Z as the stars of the show. Honda is obviously hoping to leverage the campaign through users drumming up support for their entries in existing social networks in a similar way to Queensland Tourism's 'Best Job in the World'.

Laura Price, PR Executive at Honda Motor Europe said of the campaign 'We hope to give people the opportunity to fulfil long held ambitions and experience something they can't in everyday life'. The project, created by Grey London and co-produced with 90:10 Group, Fitch Live and Wildfire all based in London.

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