Saturday, December 19

Google x Audi: Synchronizing Vehicle Navigation With the Cloud « MobileBehavior

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People have been navigating cities using Google's mobile maps while on foot, why shouldn't they be able to do this while driving? Today Google announced a collaboration with Audi to bundle Google Earth with your new A8. This is a step up from Android's already disruptive Maps Navigation, and a step forward towards the networked car of the future.

With this connected driving experience, users will be presented with 3D satellite imagery, terrain information, and a variety of locational points augmented with useful data such as Wikipedia entries. It doesn't end at the car interior though, Audi A8 drivers will be able to search and send business directories and addresses from the office desktop computer prior to actually getting in front of the wheel. While this will help drivers more efficiently reach a destination, we can't help but wonder how it will effect exploration. Foursquare badges please?

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