Thursday, March 19

Nothing but cardboard

Nothing is a new commercial creative agency formed by Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten that has just opened its doors in Amsterdam.

The interior is made of cardboard, fixed together without any screws or glue. If this technique sounds familiar, you're right: it comes from designer Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Koudenburg (known for the 'No Screw, No Glue' furniture pieces.)

The interior comprises three volumes: a boardroom, grand office and a library. There are over 1500 elements made using over 500m2 of CNC cut cardboard that construct everything from the shelves, tables, walls to a coffee table. "With art director Alrik Koudenburg I discussed the use of cardboard for the complete interior, but with a grandeur that suits this award winning company", Van Bleiswijk explains. "The use of the 'No Screw, No Glue' technique on a scale I'd never explored before and its strong lines, allowed me to apply details, volumes and furniture that would make the space into one total concept". The result is a low cost, low waste interior that makes a definite high impact. Just don't put any candles on the table...

All photography by Joachim Baan.

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