Wednesday, March 4

global march with Uniqlo

With H&M hitting Japan last September, UNIQLO is battling its toughest competition yet. At the same time, it is aggressively expanding its international store network in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing. With its latest global campaign, put together by GT Tokyo it aims to connect with people across every age group, in every country that the brand is available… a very ambitious task.

UNIQLO March is an online ‘presentation’ format showing a group of 33 people spanning a wide range of ages, sex and occupations marching across the screen. Footage was filmed with an ultra-wide RED ONE lens, never used for online content before. The lens allows video footage of scenes covering more than 50m in length. Viewers can interact with the marching group to make them run, walk backwards or wave at each other.

By clicking on an outfit that they like, users can see a profile of the marcher and get taken directly to the online store to purchase any of the items the model is wearing. Users can also choose to keep their involvement online as an icon in a virtual Google Maps march through the streets of Tokyo or apply to take to the ‘real world’ streets as a model for the next element of the campaign.

via Contagious Magazine

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