Friday, January 16

Universal World House

A model of the new paper house was set up in Kiel in December.

A model of the new paper house.
A new invention could soon change the face of shantytowns across the globe. Called "Universal World House," the structures are light, cheap -- and made of paper.

"From the very beginning, our goal was to create practical, environmentally sustainable, and, most importantly, cheap living quarters for the slums of the Earth," Gerd Niemöller, who developed the cellulose material the houses are made of, said in a recent statement. "Now, that is possible."

Niemöller is a co-founder of the Swiss company The Wall AG, which holds the patent for material used in the construction of the mini-homes.

The price for the 36 square meter (387.5 square foot) structures won't be more than $5,000 each.
via Spiegel


  1. This looks to be the business; but is still expensive in shantytown terms

  2. The idea is good, but this paper house needs improvement. It is still expensive. And it looks to me that it won't be comfortable to live inside that box.

  3. If it costs $5,000 for each, and those african countries like Nigeria would like to purchase them for the refugees. Well, I don't think so. $5000 can build a lot more refuges for those who really need them by using the materials from the local area.

  4. This is the beginning of a good idea, but typical of someone that is not familiar with how it works in 3rd world countries. Job creation is equally important, Factory built solutions will not be acceptable