Tuesday, January 6

Towards a New Theory of Color Reading. Stephanie Syjuco: Total Fabrications

I mentioned the aleatory compositions book by Hoagy Houghton last november, here is a similar project by Stephanie Syjuco currently on show at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.
The exhibition entitled Towards a New Theory of Color Reading (El Dia, Houston Forward Times, Manila Headline) 2008 is curated by Meredith Goldsmith.

Four-color newspapers printed in edition of 2000 each.

Bauhaus-style "newspapers" were printed and available free for gallery visitors. The layouts and formats were taken from three local Houston ethnic-based journals: El Dia (Spanish-Language), the Houston Forward Times (African-American), and the Manila Headline (Filipino-American). By abstracting the content of each publication, a new visual fomat was created for viewers to attempt to "read." Three bulletin boards served as a way to display all the pages at once.
Color breakdown:yellow=text black=newspaper info, cyan=photos, red=advertisements

Pages 1-3 of the mockup using the "Philippine Guardian" edition

All the pages (16 total) of the mockup using the "Philippine Guardian" edition

newspaper rack mockup

via Stephanie Syjuco

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