Tuesday, November 25

Just missed

is a Droog and KesselsKramer project.

The S1NGLETOWN paper is edited by Chris Foges and sponsored by the Ymere housing corporation, responsible for the first Droog house for singles in Amsterdam.

Participating designers includes Nacho Carbonell, Agata Jaworska, mkodama design - Mino Kodama, Marko Macura, Casulo - Sebastian Mühlhäuser & Marcel Krings, NEXT Architects
SMAQ - Andreas Quednau & Sabine Müller

Exhibition photography by Liz Hingley

S1NGLETOWN is part of ‘Out There, Architecture Beyond Building’, this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, curated by Aaron Betsky and on view to the public from 14th September to 23rd November 2008. An accompanying newspaper features specially commissioned articles and art exploring single-living in greater depth.

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