Tuesday, July 8

Tea, Tennis, Faceless Aliens at Wimbledon


As the 2008 Wimbledon fortnight played itself out, the event offered all of its traditional trappings -- immaculately mown grass, clean yellow tennis balls, breakfasts of strawberries and cream and well-dressed faceless alien androids.

The creepy spectators (above) had already showed up at Harrod's and other spots around London, but their persistent pop-ups at the All-England Tennis Club were by far their most public appearances. A couple of the world's more ingenious media outlets reported that the figures weren't really faceless and had pinholes in their masks for the actors' eyes.

It was a viral marketing stunt -- about the anonymity of humankind in the information age.

Lotus set up this countdown website as part of this manufactured ex-mystery.

Lotus, The Question wants his gimmick back. So does The Blank.

By John Scott Lewinski

via cherry flava, underwire

Image courtesy Splash, BBC News

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