Saturday, April 26

It's a cardboard world


Michel Gondry's 'Science of Sleep' surely inspired the people who came up with this concept for the new Diesel store which just stocks accessories and intimates. The interior is constructed entirely out of different shaped cardboard boxes and are used to display the Diesel stock and brings to my the carboard city in Stéphane's dreams. Not to bring out the violins or anything but as a child, I didn't really have much to play with other than cardboard boxes (gosh to be a toddler again and be really really amused by a plain cardboard box....) so this really tugs on my heart strings.

My only worries are whether clumsy me will tear the whole store apart in a dramatic domino effect if I knock something over. Oh and whether people who happen to be carrying some Crayola felt tip pens (as you do...) will get the urge to start scrawling on the boxes in manner of graffitied toilet doors (question, why do people love writing things like 'I HEART YOU MICHELLE' on the back of toilets....does said door defacer expect Michelle to turn up at that exact toilet cubicle?).




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