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Art Commerce Collision


The Swedish-American renegade creative duo Hart + Larsson have been quite a stir of late, first with their spoof Marc Jacobs advertising campaign (complete with it’s Juergen Teller pastiche) and then with their hijacking of the front cover of New York Magazine. Envious of their ability to mix art with commerce, lifeiscarbon® recently caught up with Tomas Larsson to hear about some of their more interesting projects.

“More than anything, we are purveyors of style. We want to create things - whether it be films, photography, websites or clothing - that all refer back to the H+L style. Ultimately we want to populate the world with things that posses a certain look or voice. We see no clear distinction between art and commerce. What we do, in essence, is called The New Enthusiasm.”

“Some of our more notable past and present clients are AOL, MTV, GE, Olympus, Mike&Ike, Every Day With Rachael Ray, and Paramount. Presently we are developing an original online program with Comedy Central.”

Take a look below to read more about Hart + Larrson and to see some our favorite projects by them. YouTube, Frank Gehry and Brad Pitt are just a few of those who have had the honor of being given given the Hart + Larrson treatment:

Based in New York City, Hart + Larsson was founded in 2002 by Tomas Larsson (born and raised in Sweden) and Greg Hart (originally from Ohio, US).

The complete Marc Jacobs spoof campaign can be seen here:

Part of the hijacked New York Magazine cover publicized via a recent poster campaign.

Get a glimpse inside the creative genius of Frank Gehry when he’s commissioned by Theodore Kaczynski.

Be sure to watch the wonderful though bizarre Brad Pitt Cube film on Hart + Larsson’s website

No coffee table should be without Arktip magazine (another lifeiscarbon® favorite), especially not the issue featuring the Hart + Larrson collaboration.


Hart + Larrson

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